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(2019) Dance and the quality of life, Dordrecht, Springer.

Memoir of a dancing life

Teresa Benzwie

pp. 515-525

This memoir offers a series of stories that stand out from a long life in dance, a life in which dance has supported happiness, enabling a philosophy of being. I highlight how dance has been a way of life more so than an artistic vocation, describing my career-long commitment to the inclusion of dance and creative movement in early childhood education. Through autobiographical narrative, I recount the origins, turning points, and overall process of this dedication to young children's quality of educational life. Dancing and moving to learn affords children opportunities to grow positive self-esteem, recognize capabilities, problem-solve, and cooperate with differently-abled others, all while learning their curriculum. From youth to elder, themes of persistence and following one's dream weave throughout the memoir, including a recent success story in my New Jersey school district.

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Benzwie, T. (2019)., Memoir of a dancing life, in K. Bond (ed.), Dance and the quality of life, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 515-525.

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