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ISBN 978-3-319-92503-5

Exploring animal encounters

philosophical, cultural, and historical perspectives

Edited by

Dominik Ohrem , Matthew Calarco

This collection of essays offers multifaceted explorations of animal encounters in a range of philosophical, cultural, literary, and historical contexts. Exploring Animal Encounters encourages us to think about the richness and complexity of animal lives and human-animal relations, foregrounding the intricate roles nonhuman creatures play in the always already more-than-human sphere of ethics and politics. In this way, the essays in this volume can be understood as a contribution to alternative imaginings of interspecies coexistence in a time in whichthe issue of human relations with earth and earth others has come to the fore with unprecedented force and severity.

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Ohrem, D. , Calarco, M. (eds) (2018). Exploring animal encounters: philosophical, cultural, and historical perspectives, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

The three ethologies

Calarco Matthew


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Hanging together in a touch

Goebel James R.


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Such beastly behavior!

McFarland Sarah E.


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Precarious encounters

Shukin Nicole


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The photographer and the zoo

Malamud Randy


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Bestiality in a time of smallpox

Boddice Rob


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Dissolving into visibility

McCown Julie


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Of primates' bodies

Fuentes Agustín


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Incorrect and beautiful anatomies

García Christina


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