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ISBN 978-1-4020-3257-8

Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science
vol. 4

Nature's principles

Edited by

Jan Faye , Paul Needham , Uwe Scheffler, Max Urchs

One of the most basic problems in the philosophy of science involves determining the extent to which nature is governed by laws. This volume presents a wide-ranging overview of the contemporary debate and includes some of its foremost participants. It begins with an extensive introduction describing the historical, logical and philosophical background of the problems dealt with in the essays. Among the topics treated in the essays is the relationship between laws of nature and causal laws as well asthe role of ceteris paribus clauses in scientific explanations. Traditionally, the problem of the unity of science was intimately connected to the problem of understanding the unity of nature. This fourth volume of Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science tackles these problems as part of our consideration of the most fundamental aspects of scientific understanding.

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Faye, J. , Needham, P. , Scheffler, U. , Urchs, M. (eds) (2005). Nature's principles, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Faye Jan; Needham Paul; Scheffler Uwe; Urchs Max


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How nature makes sense

Faye Jan


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The nature of natural laws

Johansson Lars-Göran


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Necessary laws

Kistler Max


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The laws' properties

Persson Johannes


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Laws of nature versus system laws

Schurz Gerhard


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