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ISBN 978-3-319-72169-9

ICME-13 Monographs

Invited lectures from the 13th international congress on mathematical education

Edited by

Gabriele Kaiser, Helen Forgasz, Mellony Graven, Alain Kuzniak, Elaine Simmt, Binyan Xu

This book is Open Access under a CC BY 4.0 license.The book presents the Invited Lectures given at 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13). ICME-13 took place from 24th- 31st July 2016 at the University of Hamburg in Hamburg (Germany). The congress was hosted by the Society of Didactics of Mathematics (Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik - GDM) and took place under the auspices of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI). ICME-13 – the biggest ICME so far- brought together about 3500 mathematics educators from 105 countries, additionally 250 teachers from German speaking countries met for specific activities. The scholars came together to share their work on the improvement of mathematics education at all educational levels.. The papers present the work of prominent mathematics educators from all over the globe and give insight into the current discussion in mathematics education. The Invited Lectures cover a wide spectrum of topics, themes and issues and aim to give direction to future research towards educational improvement in the teaching and learning of mathematics education. This book is of particular interest to researchers, teachers and curriculum developers in mathematics education.

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Kaiser, G. , Forgasz, H. , Graven, M. , Kuzniak, A. , Simmt, E. , Xu, B. (eds) (2018). Invited lectures from the 13th international congress on mathematical education, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

The double continuity of algebra

Cuoco Al; McCallum William


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Hidden connections and double meanings

Gómez-Chacón Inés M.


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The role of algebra in school mathematics

Sissel Grønmo Liv


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Pme and the international community of mathematics education

Hershkowitz Rina; Ufer Stefan


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ICMI 1966–2016

Hodgson Bernard R.; Niss Mogens


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Powering knowledge versus pouring facts

Kenderov Petar S.


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Natural differentiation

Krauthausen Günter


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Pedagogies of emergent learning

Nemirovsky Ricardo


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Constructing dynamic geometry

Ruthven Kenneth


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About collaborative work

Sessa Carmen


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Number sense in elementary school children

Galvão Spinillo Alina


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Uncovering Chinese pedagogy

Sun Xuhua


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Activity theory in French didactic research

Vandebrouck Fabrice


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Dialogues on numbers

Zazkis Rina


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