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(2012) English and American studies, Stuttgart, Metzler.

Analyzing culture

Christina Wald

pp. 359-364

In comparison to analyses of prose, poetry, drama, and film, examinations of cultural phenomena usually have to take into consideration a much wider variety of primary sources. The typical range of materials includes books, newspaper and journal articles, paintings, photographs, TV-shows, movies, advertisement, and internet pages, but fashion, food, music, architecture or other cultural products might be relevant sources, too, depending on your interest.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-476-00406-2_28

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Wald, C. (2012)., Analyzing culture, in M. Middeke, T. Müller, C. Wald & H. Zapf (eds.), English and American studies, Stuttgart, Metzler, pp. 359-364.

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