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In search of a new humanism

the philosophy of Georg Henrik Von Wright

Edited by

Rosaria Egidi

This collection of essays presents a systematic and up-to-date survey of the main aspects of Georg Henrik von Wright's philosophy, tracing the general humanistic leitmotiv to be found in his vast, varied output. The analysis covers the developments in Von Wright's thought up to the end of the 1990s. The essays are arranged thematically to focus on the chief areas of Von Wright's interests: practical rationality; human action and determinism; philosophical logic andtheories of norms; research in the analytical tradition; and Wittgenstein studies. Readership: Scholars and students of moral philosophy, logic, psychology, sociology, cognitive science and the history of contemporary philosophy.

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Egidi, R. (ed) (1999). In search of a new humanism: the philosophy of Georg Henrik Von Wright, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents

Wittgenstein and tradition

Von Wright Georg Henrik


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What is analytical philosophy?

Cozzo Cesare


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What Wittgenstein wrote

Schulte Joachim


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Von Wright on on certainty

Stroll Avrum


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Morphology in Wittgenstein

Andronico Marilena


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The logical connection argument again

Nannini Sandro


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Actions, causes, and supervenience

Gozzano Simone


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Von Wright on the mind-body problem

De Caro Mario


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W. James' defence of free will

Calcaterra Rosa M.


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Is determinism impossible?

Dessì Paola


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The decidability of syllogism

Cellucci Carlo


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Dynamic ideas in quantum logic

Dalla Chiara Maria Luisa; Giuntini Roberto


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Three levels of deontics

Conte Amedeo G; Conte G.


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