Feminist experiences

a response to Smaranda Aldea and Amy Allen

Johanna Oksala

pp. 135-142

I would like to begin by thanking Amy and Smaranda for their careful reading of and thoughtful comments on my book. Unfortunately, I will not be able to address all of their concerns in this short response. I will focus on what I take to be their main lines of criticism beginning with Smaranda’s defense of what she calls transcendental phenomenology. Her comments concern the second part of the book, which engages with feminist phenomenology and comprises chapters four, five, and six. I will then turn to Amy’s comments, which concern mainly the third part of the book on feminist politics. This part comprises chapters seven, eight, and nine.

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DOI: 10.1007/s11007-019-09462-z

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Oksala, J. (2019). Feminist experiences: a response to Smaranda Aldea and Amy Allen. Continental Philosophy Review 52 (1), pp. 135-142.

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