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"Technique" and "ethics' of Yuasa Yasuo from the perspective of Asian studies

an introduction to Yuasa philosophy

Koetsu Sato

pp. 107-136

This chapter explicitly addresses the relationship between "technique" and "ethics' as found in the philosophy of Yuasa Yasuo 湯浅泰雄. It is closely associated with the history of Eastern and Western thought within Yuasa's philosophical framework especially his mind-body theory. Because of that reason, the discussion of this chapter has a strong tendency to favor a comparative approach to Eastern and Western thought covering the issues of "technique" and "ethics." In the process of discussion, this chapter especially sheds light on the challenge of integrating wisdom from East and West, on which Yuasa tackled in the age of the so-called "end of philosophy" in the Western world. Finally, this chapter boldly attempts to meet the challenge by illuminating hitherto neglected aspects of Yuasa's research from the perspective of "Asian studies."

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-59027-1_6

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Sato, K. (2019)., "Technique" and "ethics' of Yuasa Yasuo from the perspective of Asian studies: an introduction to Yuasa philosophy, in T. Taro lennerfors & K. Murata (eds.), Tetsugaku companion to Japanese ethics and technology, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. 107-136.

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