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ISBN 978-981-10-6312-1

Bakhtinian explorations of Indian culture

pluralism, dogma and dialogue through history

Edited by

Lakshmi Bandlamudi, E. V. Ramakrishnan

This volume, an important contribution to dialogic and Bakhtin studies, shows the natural fit between Bakhtin's ideas and the pluralistic culture of India to a global academic audience. It is premised on the fact that long before principles of dialogism took shape in the Western world, these ideas, though not labelled as such, were an integral part of intellectual histories in India. Bakhtin's ideas and intellectual traditions of India stand under the same banner of plurality, open-endedness and diversity oflanguages and social speech types and, therefore, the affinity between the thinker and the culture seems natural. Rather than being a mechanical import of Bakhtin's ideas, it is an occasion to reclaim, reactivate and reenergize inherent dialogicality in the Indian cultural, historical and philosophical histories.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-6313-8

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Bandlamudi, L. , Ramakrishnan, E. V. (eds) (2018). Bakhtinian explorations of Indian culture: pluralism, dogma and dialogue through history, Springer, Dordrecht.

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Bandlamudi Lakshmi; Ramakrishnan E. V.


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Carnival and transgression in India

Visuvalingam Sunthar


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The rule of freedom

Chalier-Visuvalingam Elizabeth


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Dancing in the sky of consciousness

Bandlamudi Lakshmi


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The dialogicity of travel

Jain Jasbir


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"You yourself are a mosque with ten doors"

Ramakrishnan E. V.


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Animal as hero


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Translation as dialogue

Mehta Pooja J.


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Dialoguing the web

Bhattacharya Atanu


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Talking texts, writing memory

Chakrabarti Paromita


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Dead text or living consciousnesses?

Adhikari Foara


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