(2019) Husserl Studies 35 (3).

Doyon, Maxime and Thiemo Breyer (eds.), Normativity in perception

Zachary Hugo

pp. 275-285

Even a cursory survey of publication trends in philosophy from the last decade would indicate that “normativity” (and its cognates) has become a buzzword. As far as buzzwords go, this one is especially peculiar, since it is not at all obvious, even to philosophers, what this word is supposed to mean in the various contexts it has come to occupy. Fortunately, this outstanding collection of essays edited by Maxime Doyon and Thiemo Breyer addresses this problem in detail. Normativity in Perceptionappears in Palgrave MacMillan’s “New Directions in Philosophy and Cognitive Science” series, whose stated goal is to foster a “growing interest in rethinking traditional philosophical notions of cognition” through open dialogue with phenomenology, dynamic systems theory, and approaches which aim “to rethink cognition as the direction of the action of an embodied and affectively attuned organism embedded in its social world” (p. i). Doyon and Breyer’s volume wonderfully succeeds in meeting this...

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Review of: Doyon Maxime; Breyer Thiemo, Normativity in perception, Springer, Dordrecht, 2015.

DOI: 10.1007/s10743-019-09251-9

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Hugo, Z. (2019). Review of Normativity in perception by . Husserl Studies 35 (3), pp. 275-285.

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