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ISBN 9789934506420

Filosofiskā bibliotēka

Neredzamā pieredze

Žana Lika Mariona dotības fenomenoloģija

Māra Grīnfelde

The aim of this book is to ascertain whether and in what sense absolute phenomenon is possible within the framework of the French phenomenologist Jean-Luc Marion’s phenomenology. Because absolute phenomenon is characterized as the saturated phenomenon (le phénomène saturé) – intuitive givenness that shows itself in and from itself – the first and second parts of the work deal with the analysis and evaluation of the concept of the saturated phenomenon, concluding that, although Marion has not done so himself,one must differentiate the saturated phenomenon based on the understanding and role of intuition within it. It is possible to distinguish between internally differentiated intuitive givenness, internally undifferentiated intuitive givenness and non-intuitive givenness (or the phenomenon of revelation). Based on both the ideas found in Husserl’s phenomenology and the evaluation of the critique directed against the possibility of absolute phenomenon, the third part of the work argues for the intentional character of internally differentiated intuitive givenness, annulling its absoluteness, for the non-intentional character of internally undifferentiated intuitive givenness, establishing its absoluteness and for the non-experiencability of non-intuitive givenness, rendering it a speculative ideal and annulling its absoluteness. It is concluded that, contrary to Marion’s opinions, not all saturated phenomena are absolute phenomena – absolute phenomenon is possible only as internally undifferentiated, atemporal and all-embracing intuitive givenness.

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Grīnfelde, M. (2016). Neredzamā pieredze: Žana Lika Mariona dotības fenomenoloģija, Filozofijas un socioloģijas institūts, Riga.

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