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ISBN 978-3-030-25096-6

Aging and human nature

perspectives from philosophical, theological, and historical anthropology

Edited by

Mark Schweda, Michael Coors, Claudia Bozzaro

This book focuses on ageing as a topic of philosophical, theological, and historical anthropology. It provides a systematic inventory of fundamental theoretical questions and assumptions involved in the discussion of ageing and old age. What does it mean for human beings to grow old and become more vulnerable and dependent? How can we understand the manifestations of ageing and old age in the human body? How should we interpret the processes of change in the temporal course of a humanlife? What impact does old age have on the social dimensions of human existence? In order to tackle these questions, the volume brings together internationally distinguished scholars from the fields of philosophy, theology, cultural studies, social gerontology, and ageing studies. The collection of their original articles makes a twofold contribution to contemporary academic discourse. On one hand, it helps to clarify and deepen our understanding of ageing and old age by examining it from the fundamental point of view of philosophical, theological, and historical anthropology. At the same time, it also enhances and expands the discourses of philosophical, theological, and historical anthro­pology by systematically taking into account that human beings are essentially ageing creatures.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-25097-3

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Schweda, M. , Coors, M. , Bozzaro, C. (eds) (2020). Aging and human nature: perspectives from philosophical, theological, and historical anthropology, Springer, Dordrecht.

Table of Contents


Schweda Mark; Coors Michael; Bozzaro Claudia


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Becoming oneself

Rentsch Thomas


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Aging and personal growth

Kruse Andreas


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Beyond control

Rüegger Heinz


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Becoming old

Wehrle Maren


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Capturing space

Schües Christina


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Embodied time

Coors Michael


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The autumn of my years

Schweda Mark


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The paradox of human finitude

Overall Christine


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Responsive aging

de Lange Frits


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Providing help

Remmers Hartmut


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Birth, progress, and appropriation

Zirfas Jörg


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Should we do what comes naturally?

Manheimer Ronald J.


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Wise old men (and women)

Holm Søren


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Vulnerability in old age

Hurst Samia


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Aging with dignity

Stoecker Ralf


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Closer to the world beyond?

Kunz Ralph


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