UNAM, Mexico


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ISBN 9786073052306

El sentido de la filosofía

Estudios sobre José Gaos

Antonio Zirión Quijano

This volume brings together all the texts published by Antonio Zirión Quijano on the work and thought of José Gaos. Zirión Quijano has coordinated the edition of the Complete Works of José Gaos since 1997, and in these texts he brings into play his philosophical formation within Husserlian phenomenology and his laborious effort to make known and promote the study of this discipline in Mexico, with the idea of Gaos' own philosophy, forged in an ambivalent and ambiguous encounter andassimilation with the phenomenological philosophy of Edmund Husserl.

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Zirión Quijano, A. (2021). El sentido de la filosofía: Estudios sobre José Gaos, UNAM, Mexico.

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