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Strangers, Foreigners, Aliens

Summer School of Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy

Venezia, 1 - 5 July 2024

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“The Other” in various forms and guises has become in the past decades a fixture of philosophical inquiry. Who, or what, however, is this Other who seems to be everywhere and nowhere within contemporary thought? Which Others are included or excluded, remembered or forgotten, visible or invisible within contemporary societies? Under the encompassing heading of “Strangers, Foreigners, and Aliens,” the aim of this year's Venice Summer School in Phenomenology is to explore, across a spectrum of phenomenological approaches, the question of the Other in its many senses of being and non-being. 

Seminars will be led by:


Daniele de Santis (Charles University Prague)

Nicolas de Warren (Pennsylvania State University)

Matteo Giannasi (Ca’ Foscari University Venice)

Delia Popa (Villanova University)

Audran Aulanier (Catholic University of Lille)

Burt Hopkins (Charles University Prague)

Claudio Majolino (University of Lille)

Gian Luigi Paltrinieri (Ca’ Foscari University Venice)


Emiliano Trizio (Ca’ Foscari University Venice)