Conference: Shared Cultural Context and Interpersonal Understanding

Confirmed speakers: Alex Gillespie, Ernestine Gordijn, Douglas Hollan, Nils Holtug,
Alba Montes Sánchez, Harriet Over, Olli Pyyhtinen, Philippe Rochat, Thomas Szanto and Kirsten Thisted.

Place: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities,
Emil Holms Kanal 2, Aud. 22.0.11, Copenhagen
Organizer: Dan Zahavi and Felipe León, Center for Subjectivity Research

The aim of the conference is to explore the interrelations between shared cultural context and interpersonal understanding from an interdisciplinary perspective. Some of the questions to be considered include: How do shared cultural contexts and in-group/out-group dynamics enable and influence different forms of interpersonal understanding? Conversely, what is the impact of interpersonal understanding on shared cultural contexts? In this regard, is there a specific role for empathy, sympathy, and/or mutual recognition? Furthermore, how do processes of stereotyping and typification contribute to our understanding of the interrelations between interpersonal understanding and shared cultural context?


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Preliminary programme

Thursday May 18, 2017

9:15-9:30 Introduction
9:30-10:45 Alex Gillespie (LSE): Interpersonal Understanding and Misunderstanding: A Dialogical Approach
10:45-12:00 Ernestine Gordijn (Groningen): The Role of Emotions in Intra- and Inter-group Relations
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-14:15 Thomas Szanto & Alba Montes Sánchez (CFS, Copenhagen): Imagining collectives
14:15-14:45 Coffee break
14:45-16:00 Philippe Rochat (Emory, USA): Distinct Collective Temperaments in Children Across Cultures
16:00-17:15 Harriet Over (York): The Developmental Origins of Prejudice and Dehumanisation

Friday May 19, 2017

9:30-10:45 Douglas Hollan (UCLA, USA): Empathy in Cultural Context
10:45-12:00 Olli Pyyhtinen (Tampere): Excluded Thirds, Included: On In-Group/Out-Group Dynamics
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-14:15 Nils Holtug (Copenhagen): Nationalism and Social Cohesion
14:15-14:45 Coffee break
14:45-16:00 Kirsten Thisted (Copenhagen): Emotional Economies and Interpersonal Relations in the Kingdom of Denmark (Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands)

The conference is financed by the VELUX Foundation.

18 May 2017 - 19 May 2017

12:00 am

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