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Síntesis activa. Phenomenological Investigations of Psychopathology and Psychiatry

Delusion as a fundamental phenomenon (Urphänomen)

Köln, 1st August

Philosophy and Poetry

Città di Castello, 6th - 26th July

Lifeworld - between Evidence and Delusion Husserliana vol. 39 on Lifeworld

Warszawa, 5th - 9th August

Jan 7th 2025

Back to the things themselves! 2025

Toronto, Canada

Aug 15th 2024

Experience and Non-Objects: Towards a Phenomenology of Indiscernibility

Pittsburgh, United States of America

Journal Issues

Studia Phaenomenologica, vol. 24

Phenomenology and the sciences

edited by Altobrando Andrea; Aurora Simone

contributions from

AUC Interpretationes, vol. XII

Penser avec Heidegger

contributions from

Open Access & Digital Editions

Bertorello Adrián: Espacio de juego, explosión del sentido e iconicidad

Teseo Press

La filosofía de Martin Heidegger pretende situarse en el punto de vista del nacimiento del sentido. A lo largo de su obra ese lugar fue caracterizado por dos nombres: Dasein ...

Grigenti Fabio; Aurora Simone: Fenomenologia e tecnica

sdvig press

I saggi che qui presentiamo sono in gran parte il prodotto della ricerca condotta da giovani studiosi del dipartimento di Filosofia, Sociologia, Pedagogia e Psicologia applicata (FISPPA) dell’Università degli studi ...

Martin Erik; Mrugalski Michał; Flack Patrick: Neo-Kantianism as an entanglement of intellectual cultures in Central and Eastern Europe

sdvig press

The present volume, which constitutes the proceedings of the eponymous conference held in May 2019 at the Polish Institute in Berlin, offers a series of detailed insights into the profoundly ...

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