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Collected Papers VI: Literary Reality and Relationships

SCHUTZ Alfred 2013 - (edited by Michael Barber) Dordrecht, Springer

Schriften zur Literatur

SCHUTZ Alfred 2013 - (edited by Michael Barber; Jochen Dreher) Konstanz, UVK

Maurice Natanson (1924-1996)

2010 - in: Hans Rainer Sepp; Lester Embree (ed), Handbook of Phenomenological Aesthetics , Cham-Heidelberg-New York-Dordrecht-London, Springer, pp.231-234.

Alfred Schutz and the Problem of Empathy

2013 - in: Lester Embree; Thomas Nenon (ed), Husserl's Ideen , Dordrecht, Springer, pp.313-326.
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Alfred Schutz

2002 - in: Edward Zalta (ed), The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , Stanford, Stanford University Press, pp.n/a.

Einleitung der Herausgeber

with DREHER Jochen 2013 - in: Alfred Schutz, Schriften zur Literatur , Konstanz, UVK, pp.7-34.
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The Fragmentation and Social Reconstruction of the Past in Toni Morrison's Beloved

1994 - in: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (ed), Allegory Revisited: Ideals of Mankind, Dordrecht, Kluwer, pp.347-358.

Simone de Beauvoir: Phenomenology, Ambiguity, Sexism

2004 - in: Dermot Moran; Lester Embree (ed), Phenomenology: Critical Concepts in Philosophy IV: Expanding Horizons of Phenomenology, London, Routledge, pp.197-226.


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