Springer, Dordrecht


579, xxv pages

ISBN 9783319775159

Analecta Husserliana
vol. 121


life, human life, post-human life in the harmony of the Cosmos

Edited by

William S Smith, Jadwiga Smith, Daniela Verducci

This volume presents discussions on a wide range of topics focused on eco-phenomenology and the interdisciplinary investigation of contemporary environmental thought. Starting out with a Tymieniecka Memorial chapter, the book continues with papers on the foundations, theories, readings and philosophical sources of eco-phenomenology. In addition, it examines issues of phenomenological anthropology, ecological perspectives of the human relationship to nature, and phenomenology of the living body and the virtual body. Furthermore, the volume engages in a dialogue with contemporary behavioralsciences on topics such as eco-alienation, sustainability, and the human relationship to the earth in the context of the cosmos.

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